Why Concrete Floors Are A Good Choice When You Share Your House With Pets

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If you love animals and you always have at least one dog, cat, or other pet living in your house, you may have some challenges when it comes to maintaining your flooring. If you're thinking of getting new flooring, consider concrete. Concrete floors can be just as beautiful as marble floors, but they are pet-friendly. Here's why concrete floors are a good match for pets.

Urine Odors Are Easy To Eliminate

When you have concrete floors installed, you have them sealed so you don't have to worry about the porous concrete soaking up spills, stains, or urine from pets. Urine can be cleaned up easily since it doesn't soak in. This reduces places pets can leave smelly stains you don't notice, but your guests do.

The Sealer Provides Traction

The coating or sealer used on concrete floors provides traction. This keeps your pets from spinning out when they run around the house. Your pets can be as active as they like without worrying about a slip and fall that could cause an injury. Concrete flooring can't do anything about a clumsy pet, but at least your pets won't fall due to slick flooring.

Concrete Floors Are Easy To Clean

There is no concern with water damage from wet mopping, so you can wet mop your floors, sweep them, or use a vacuum cleaner to pick up pet hair and clean up the dirt and mud your pets track in the house. Being able to clean the floors easily helps eliminate doggy odors in your house, especially when compared to carpet that soaks up animal odors.

Concrete Floors Are Beautiful

Just because you want safe floors for your pets doesn't mean you have to live with drab floors. Concrete floors can be acid stained, painted, or coated to have any look you like, including high-end marble. The floors can also be polished to a high gloss so they shine and always look clean. Your pets may not care if the floors are beautiful, but you do, and that makes concrete a good choice when you want pet-suitable flooring.

Concrete Is Durable

Concrete is a tough material that resists damage because it is so strong and hard. Your pets won't scratch it with their claws or damage the floor if they knock things over or cause a spill. Your pets may enjoy sleeping on hard concrete, but if you want them to have something softer, you can put down area rugs, mats, or pet beds. Area rugs are much easier to keep clean and odor-free than carpeting, and your pets will have a soft place to rest when they want it.