3 Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Marble Flooring In Your Foyer

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Since the foyer is the first place that people step into when entering your home, it's wise to prioritize making it an area in your house that you love. New floors can add an entirely different look to your home, but you'll need to understand the maintenance and care they require.

Suppose you're concerned with how long the marble flooring will last once installed. In that case, you'll need to consider the following tips to extend its lifespan and keep the marble in the best condition.

Lay Down Protective Mats

Protecting your marble flooring should be done with care by laying down protective mats. Since the foyer is the first place guests step into from the outside, there's a good chance that a lot of grit is brought indoors. You'll want to avoid bringing in abrasive materials that damage marble flooring, from sand to dirt, and even ice during the winter.

While marble isn't extremely delicate, it is porous and can end up being damaged when abrasive surfaces enter your home.

The easiest way to prevent this damage is through lying down protective mats that can catch any dirt, along with keeping moisture from making direct contact with your flooring.  

Keep Up with Routine Cleaning

If you're interested in protecting your marble flooring and extending its lifespan, you'll need to check what kind of routine care it could require. In some cases, the floors will need diligent cleaning to remove any spills or dirt right away.

Using cleaning solutions safe for marble is essential since the flooring is porous and can be a problem when it comes to absorbing moisture. Avoiding harsh chemicals and choosing soft cloths to clean the marble can ensure that it stays in the best condition without accidental damage by the wrong cleaning methods being used.

Avoid Damage from Furniture

When you're going to have any furniture on the marble flooring, such as tables or chairs, you'll need to add some protection to avoid damaging the floor. Instead of worrying that the furniture legs scratch up the marble and leave marks, make sure to add floor protectors that add a barrier between the surfaces.

Installing marble floors at home can give it an upscale appearance, but you'll need to be careful to ensure that the floors aren't damaged over the years. With the above tips for extending the lifespan of your marble floors and giving your home the appearance you want, you can ensure that the floors aren't a poor investment.