Steps To Wood Floor Refinishing

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Without a doubt, hardwood floors are beautiful. That is until they become scratched, worn, and have dirt ground into them. Luckily, these floors can be refinished to bring out their luster and beauty. While it is not difficult, wood floor refinishing does take time and a bit of elbow grease. Here are the steps to properly do the job.

1. Clear the room completely.

Remove anything that is on the floor and that includes all the furniture. 

2. Clean the floor.

This can be done with a cleaner designed for wood floors or a simple mixture of warm water with a bit of vinegar. You want to remove all dirt, grime, and stuck-on debris. It may require a bit of hard scrubbing but it will be worth it.

3. Scuff the floor.

You will need to use sandpaper and some type of sander. A buffing machine can also double as a floor sander with sandpaper on the bottom. You will need to get down on your hands and knees to scuff the area closest to the walls. The floor should look dull and have a fine sawdust coating. 

4. Rinse the floor.

Using a lightly damp mop, clean the dust from the floor. You will need to rinse the mop frequently to get the job done. If, after rinsing, you notice areas that were not properly scruffed, do it now. After you have rinsed the whole floor and are satisfied it is properly scuffed you can move to the next step.

5. Stain the floor.

Using a wide brush, apply stain to the floor. Start in the corner furthest from the exit so you are sure to have a way out.  It is a good idea to wear booties over your shoes. You should also wear a respirator to avoid breathing in the fumes. Be sure to follow the directions on the stain can. It may suggest working in small areas and then applying the finish before that area can dry.

6. Apply the finish.

Pour the finish onto the floor you just stained. Use a long-handled roller for this step. You will make a few passes with the roller. First, go with the grain and then roll across it. When you are done with an area, add stain to the adjacent area. Keep swapping between staining and finishing until the room is done.

Once you are sure the finish is dry (after about a day or so) add a second layer of the finishing product. Follow the directions on the can to determine when it will be safe to return the furniture and such to the room.

If you follow these steps and perform wood floor refinishing when you notice the floor lacks luster, your wood floor will last for many years. For more information, contact a wood floor refinishing service such as Assured Quality Woodcraft.