Why Do You Need To Do So Many Pre-Installation Repairs?

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When you arrange to have vinyl siding installed on your home, you have to do a lot of preparation work. While you can have contractors do that work and save yourself the actual physical labor, you still have to deal with the inconvenience, cost, and time that the preparation takes. Much of the preparation involves repairs, such as securing loose boards and fixing holes on the sides of the home. Since the siding will cover these up and give your home some protection from the elements, you may wonder why you have to do all this work anyway. It's because the items that need to be repaired can continue to cause problems under the siding, and once the siding's on, you can't fix them. The time to do it is now.

Ever Had a Bat Colony?

If you live in a region where bats routinely fly about at night, you or someone you know may have already had bats get into the home. Many times this is a stray bat that got in through a vent, but sometimes it turns out you have a colony in your home's walls. If siding is not installed correctly, if it is damaged and develops a small gap, or if there are fake shutters on the home that have a cozy space behind them, your home can end up with a colony. And if there is a loose board or a hole on your home under that siding, bats can get inside. In addition to setting up a bat box somewhere on your property, you want to repair all potential openings on your home before adding that siding.

Rot Continues

If any part of your home's exterior is currently rotting, like a rotting wood board, you need to replace it. Rot doesn't stop if you cover it up; it will continue rotting. Why would you want that? Replace the rotting boards and clean up the home's current exterior before having the siding added.

The Siding Doesn't Prevent Thermal Transfer

The siding makes your home look nice, and it offers protection from the weather. Some siding has an insulating effect, too. However, the siding alone doesn't prevent the transfer of warm and cool air in and out of the house through the walls and windows. That's why one of the preparatory steps is adding insulation to the current exterior of your home. With that insulation, the siding will keep your home more comfortable.

Having siding added, flooring removed and installed, and other upgrades make your home feel like a great place to be. Good installers will know what needs to be done to prepare and can guide you through the process. For more information, contact a vinyl siding professional near you.