Should You Invest In Dark Or Light Hardwood Floors?

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Flooring is a major design element within any home. If you are planning to install hardwood flooring in your residence, you will be faced with many options. One of the options you will have to consider is whether you want dark or light hardwood floors.

Making the decision between dark and light isn't always easy for homeowners. Use the following factors to help you decide which type of flooring will enhance the beauty of your home.

Current Trends

Homeowners often want their living space to reflect current trends in interior design. Trends can evolve and change over time. Flooring that was in style 10 years ago may not be considered attractive by modern homeowners. Consult with an interior designer to learn more about current flooring trends. The information you gather from this consultation can help you choose between dark or light hardwood floors for your home.


Another factor that you want to consider when choosing between light and dark hardwood floors is the amount of time you are willing to spend on maintenance. Light-colored flooring tends to camouflage dirt and debris better than dark flooring. Homeowners who have pets or children often find that they have to clean their dark hardwood flooring more often in order to keep their living space looking its best.

If you don't mind daily cleaning, dark floors can bring a sophisticated vibe into your home. If you don't want the hassle of daily cleaning, lighter floors will be a better option.

Type of Pet

A lot of modern families have pets they count as family members. These pets reside inside the home, so they must be factored into the equation when it comes to choosing a color for your hardwood flooring.

Dogs and cats have claws that can scratch hardwood flooring. Lighter floors don't show these scratches as easily as their darker counterparts. If you have a pet with light-colored hair or fur, daily shedding will be more visible on dark flooring. On the other hand, darker floors can easily camouflage the hair or fur that comes from a dark-colored animal. Be sure that you factor in all of the variables related to your pet when determining if light or dark hardwood flooring would be best in your home.

Being able to successfully select the right shade for your hardwood flooring ensures that you will be happy with your floors long after the hardwood floor installation is complete.