Things That Affect Your Hardwood Floor Refinishing Project Cost

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Whether you've recently purchased a home with hardwood floors that are in need of TLC or you've just never had your home's hardwood floors refinished before, you may be thinking about reaching out to a professional hardwood refinishing contractor. Before you start calling for quotes on your refinishing project, it's important to understand the factors that can affect that price. Here's a look at some of the things that can directly affect the cost of a hardwood floor refinishing project.

How Much Prep Work Will You Do Yourself?

One of the things that will affect the cost of your project is the preparation work that must be done before the floor can be refinished. This includes things like removing furniture from the room and removing the baseboard trim to provide clear access to the outer edges of the flooring.

If you're willing to do these things yourself before your hardwood floor refinishing contractor arrives, you'll find that the cost of your refinishing project will be reduced because you won't pay for the labor required for your contractor to do it.

What Condition Is The Floor In?

Another important part of quoting your hardwood floor refinishing project is determining what condition the original finish is in. If the original finish has been covered with many layers of floor wax and the finish itself wasn't applied correctly, it's likely to require more time and effort to remove than if the finish was correctly applied to begin with and the floors are in good shape overall.

Additionally, the contractor will consider the condition of the actual hardwood flooring planks. If there is any visible damage to the floor, such as scratches, gouges, and broken planks, your contractor will need to repair this damage before applying the new finish.

How Large Is The Space?

When your hardwood floor was installed, the price was based on the square footage of the room. A refinishing project is priced in much the same way. The larger the room you're dealing with, the more expensive your refinishing project will be.

If you want an accurate estimate for your project, make sure that you provide your contractor with the square footage of the room in question.

These are a few of the things that will directly influence the cost of your hardwood floor refinishing project. It's important that you understand what goes into those estimates because professional hardwood floor refinishing is well worth the investment for protecting your floors and ensuring that you get the longest possible lifespan out of them.