LVP Flooring Adds Beauty To Your Home While Needing Minimal Care

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LVP flooring is a good choice for your home, and it is suitable for all rooms. Since there are many choices in home flooring, you may wonder why LVP flooring has become so popular. Besides its attractive appearance, this flooring is durable and easy to install. Here are some things you might want to know about installing and caring for luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Planks Are DIY-Friendly

Although you can have LVP flooring installed by a contractor, if you buy the right type of flooring, you can install it yourself easily. Some planks are adhered with glue and are a little more difficult to install than others. The easiest to install are loose-lay planks that you simply place on the floor. They stay in place due to their backing that grips the floor.

If you want to tackle installing your new floors yourself, then luxury vinyl planks are a good choice. Just remember to let the planks sit in your house as instructed by the flooring manufacturer so they can acclimate to the humidity and temperature in your home before you install them.

LVP Can Be Placed Under Heavy Furniture

Luxury vinyl flooring is made of high-quality materials, so it is tough and durable. However, dragging heavy furniture across the planks isn't recommended. Plan on buying floor protectors to put under the legs of your bed and under heavy furniture so the planks are protected, just as you would do for a wood floor.

If you want to avoid dents and other problems in the kitchen due to the weight of base cabinets and your refrigerator, ask the flooring professional about the right type of LVP flooring to install. You might put down loose-lay planks in most rooms of your house, but use glue-down planks for the kitchen. Glue-down planks don't expand and contract as much as click-together or loose planks, so they are more durable underneath heavy appliances.

Regular Cleaning Keeps The Floors Beautiful

You may want to sweep or vacuum the floors daily. You can even use a robot vacuum cleaner for ease of maintenance. LVP flooring tolerates water, so you can damp mop the floor when needed. It's good to clean up spills promptly, and if a spill leaves a stain, you can use a vinyl cleaning product made for LVP flooring to remove stains or deep clean the planks.

Also, consider protecting the planks from mud and grit by putting rugs near your entrance doors. Just like real wood flooring, LVP flooring may fade due to UV exposure. You may want to close your shades regularly to keep sun off the floor as much as possible. When you take good care of your luxury vinyl flooring, it can look beautiful for years and bring you good value for your money.