Caring For Your Home's New Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood can provide your house with a durable and beautiful option for its floors. While hardwood can be a durable solution, it is important to ensure that your floors avoid some common types of wear and damage.

Hardwood Flooring Should Be Swept Every Few Days

Sweeping the floors of your home on a regular basis is often necessary for keeping the interior clean. However, it can also be necessary for reducing the wear that hardwood floors are able to sustain. More specifically, the dust and dirt particles can lead to the flooring becoming scratched. When you are sweeping the floors, traditional brooms should be avoided as their bristles may be able to leave scratches as well. Rather, a dust mop should be used as it will be able to remove the dust particles from the floor without causing more damage to the wood.

Scuff Marks And Stains May Be Corrected By Refinishing

Scuff marks and stains can be factors that may significantly reduce the appearance of your floors. However, it is usually possible to correct this problem without having to replace the entire flooring system. This is due to the ability of hardwood to be refinished. When refinishing work is being done, the flooring's top layer will be removed. As a result surfaces cuffs, scratches and stains can be eliminated so that the floor will be restored to its original appearance. In order for this work to be done, you will need to remove all of the furniture from the areas being refinished. When you are placing this furniture back in the room, you should use scratch guards on the feet of the furniture pieces to avoid immediately causing new scratches.

The Sun Can Cause Unprotected Hardwood To Become Bleached

Intense sunlight can cause the colors of your hardwood flooring to gradually fade. Depending on the design of your home, there are a couple of options that can be used to mitigate this wear. One of the most effective can be placing a film on the windows of the home that can block the wavelengths of light that will cause the pigments to break down. Another option can be to place rugs near the windows during the summer months as this may be the time of the year when the sun's rays are the most intense. As an added benefit, the rugs can also help to reduce the wear on the floors if they are in a high traffic area of the home.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for custom-built hardwood flooring.