What To Know About Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

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If you are looking to add new flooring, finding the best fit for your needs can be challenging. Luxury vinyl plank flooring may be worth a closer look if you want durable, attractive, and affordable floors. While you may associate vinyl floors with kitchens and bathrooms, luxury vinyl plank flooring can be installed anywhere in your home. Here's what to know about luxury vinyl plank floors.

What Makes Luxury Vinyl Plank Different

If you are considering luxury vinyl plank floors, you'll first want to learn what makes luxury vinyl planks different from traditional vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl planks are around five times thicker than traditional vinyl floors and come in planks that snap together instead of sheets that are rolled out. Luxury vinyl planks come in many colors and styles, but this flooring product is typically made to recreate the look of wood. If you like the look of wood floors but find they are out of your budget, luxury vinyl plank installation can be an excellent way to get the look without the price. 

How Much Luxury Vinyl Plank Costs

Another thing to consider when it comes to luxury vinyl plank installation is how much it will cost compared to other flooring materials. While installing luxury vinyl plank flooring is usually less pricey than putting down hardwood floors, it will be more expensive than sheet vinyl flooring. When it comes to luxury vinyl plank services, you need to consider the cost of materials and labor. On average, you'll pay $5 to $12 per square foot for luxury vinyl plank flooring installation. Luxury vinyl plank installation is do-it-yourself-friendly if you want to save on labor. 

Luxury Vinyl Plank Is Moisture-Resistant

Luxury vinyl plank is an excellent option if you are looking for flooring that will work in high-moisture areas like your basement or bathroom. Luxury vinyl planks are moisture resistant and can be an ideal fit for places where you want the look of wood floors but cannot install them due to moisture. Luxury vinyl plank is also incredibly durable and easy to care for. Cleaning luxury vinyl plank only requires regular sweeping and mopping.

If you are thinking about luxury vinyl plank floors, here's what to know. First, luxury vinyl plank floors are thicker and more durable than traditional vinyl floors. Second, luxury vinyl plank costs more than sheet vinyl floors but less than hardwood. Finally, luxury vinyl plank flooring is moisture-resistant. 

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