4 Signs You Need Dairy Brick Repair

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Dairy bricks are a non-porous, heat and bacterial-resistant flooring material. However, the bricks need maintenance and repair to keep offering superior defense against pests or infections. Discover four signs that you need dairy brick repair.

1. Cracked or Broken Bricks

A break in one brick will spread to the adjacent bricks, eventually causing significant damage to a large area of the flooring. In addition, cracked dairy bricks can lead to structural damage and make your building more vulnerable to pests and harmful elements. 

Dairy brick chips and cracks increase the likelihood of severe moisture absorption. Dairy brick repair contractors assess and determine how to repair the damage. For example, they can advise whether you need a new foundation for the bricks before they repair the old dairy brick installation.

2. Damaged Grout

Loose or breaking grout can cause floor depreciation and harbor bacteria. In addition, flakes from cracked grout can spread throughout your building. A dairy brick repair contractor can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs to restore your dairy bricks to their original condition.

Grout repair is less expensive than total floor replacement. Hence, it is critical to address the issue when you detect it. The dairy brick repair contractor re-grouts the floor to fix the damage. 

3. Sunken Floor Areas

Heavily trafficked and exposed dairy brick floors may deteriorate or disintegrate over time. If the distressed floor sinks and caves in, it becomes hazardous to occupants. Therefore, call a professional dairy brick repair contractor to assess your sunken dairy floor and suggest a long-term solution. 

Before the contractor arrives, you must eradicate water pools on the sunken dairy brick floor. Then, use a sump pump to drain pooled water. This move prevents further damage from water seepage. In extreme cases, the dairy brick repair contractor demolishes and rebuilds the underlying concrete slab before installing new bricks.

4. Floor Leak Issues

If you've noticed leaks in your dairy floor, get them fixed ASAP. This is because leaks can create a slip and fall hazard for occupants. Furthermore, leaks cause water damage to lower rooms if you own a storied building.

Moist conditions in facilities harbor mold and mildew. A dairy brick contractor can assess and repair dairy brick leaks to restore high sanitation levels in your building.


Dairy brick repair is a specialized process that experienced professionals perform. If you notice any of the above signs, it's time to call in a dairy brick repair professional for an inspection. They'll work with you to determine the best course of action.

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