Reasons To Install Hardwood Floors

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Installing the ideal floor can improve your home's appearance, value, and functionality. While different flooring options exist, including concrete and marble floors, consider hardwood floors instead, and here's why.


Hardwood floors are damage resistant as they won't scratch or break easily. Hence, the floors have a long lifespan. However, regular floor maintenance is essential to protect your flooring against damage due to heavy traffic. For instance, cleaning is crucial to eliminate sharp debris that may scratch your floors. Also, wiping helps keep your hardwood floor dry, which prevents water damage that may cause floor pitting and rotting. Besides, polishing covers minor scratches and makes your hardwood floor installation shinier. This increases your hardwood floor's lifespan.


Various hardwood floor types are available, including maple, oak, and walnut. Each wood type has unique grain characteristics that influence your floor's appearance. For instance, red oak is dark red, while white oak is golden brown. Additionally, hickory has a light red-brown color. With such variety, you can select a hardwood floor option that matches your property's aesthetics.


Hardwood floors have different patterns, like the classic vertical, diagonal, or chevron plank patterns. Therefore, you can never miss a hardwood flooring option for your home. Besides, you can order custom-made designs that meet all your flooring specifications. Nevertheless, custom wood floors may be costly as manufacturers may use special floor construction equipment and spend more time producing custom flooring. Hence, be ready to pay a little more for custom hardwood floors.


When dust and pet fur accumulates on your floor, they may trigger allergies. Additionally, pet waste and vomit may contain bacteria that may cause infection, particularly in toddlers. Fortunately, hardwood floors have a smooth finish that makes cleaning more manageable. For instance, you can easily vacuum or mop the floor, ensuring floor cleanliness. This ensures your health's safety.

Home Value

Hardwood floor styles usually cost more than other floors, like tile floors. However, the extra cost is worthwhile since hardwood flooring is classy and trendy. Likewise, the flooring gives your home a more natural appearance. Therefore, a wood floor can increase home value and attract real estate buyers quickly.

Air quality

Carpet fibers may trap dust and dirt. Similarly, dust may hide in the grouted lines of laminate and tile floors. The dust particles may contaminate indoor air, reducing its quality. Hardwood floors don't provide hiding areas for contaminants ensuring more effective cleaning. This improves indoor air quality significantly.

Hardwood floors offer durability, variety, increased home value, and improved air quality. Consider installing hardwood flooring for these reasons.