When To Refinishing Your Home's Wood Floors

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If you have hardwood flooring present in your home, you likely enjoy the beauty it provides to each of the rooms where it was installed. Over time, wood flooring requires refinishing to upgrade its appearance. Here are signs that your wood floors are in need of a resurfacing session.

Your Floors Are Lackluster And No Longer Vibrant

If you notice the wood flooring in your home no longer shines after you use an appropriate cleaning agent on it, it may be in need of refinishing. When the top layer of wood flooring disintegrates, it will not allow for the adherence of chemical agents used for adding a protective coating. When you clean your floors and they end up looking much like they did before the cleaning session began, it is time to contact a service that specializes in wood floor resurfacing to provide you with an evaluation of the condition of the planks.

Flaws Are Noticeable Throughout The Planks

If your wood flooring is full of cracks, chips, scrapes, or pockmarks, you likely want these blemishes to be eliminated completely. Most homeowners contact businesses known to refinish wood floors when their floors are no longer pristine. It is difficult to cover these types of flaws with wood flooring surfaces. You can attempt to clean them, but this process will likely showcase the blemishes rather than obscure them. You can add area rugs in key locations or use furniture to hide blemishes. This is only a temporary solution that does not repair your wood floors at all. Call on a wood flooring service to remove the top surface of the wood, leaving your floors with a completely smooth appearance.

Your Floors Do Not Seem Even

If you walk through a room and feel that you dip down or need to step up slightly in some areas, the wood planks underneath your feet may be in need of a resurfacing procedure. As flooring wears away, it will leave planks in a state that is less than smooth. You may notice these inclines and declines as you walk over a large span of the flooring. A call to a wood floor refinishing service can be exactly what is needed to revamp your flooring so it feels completely smooth as you walk across it. They will sand down your floors so they are flush, leaving you with a flat surface without the feeling of any impressions whatsoever.